Living in a John Day Home

There is nothing quite comparable to living in a John Day home. Knowing that your home was either built with the intention for a family exactly like yours to live in it, or having the ability to help design and build the home of your choosing is priceless. Working with the John Day team means working with experienced individuals who aren’t just filling houses, they are building them as a means for families to grow and achieve their dreams.

A Truly Local Builder

There is a special feeling knowing that your home is in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. John Day Homes is able to relate to that and builds with purpose acknowledging the history, weather and Northwest love that makes us all flock back here. Founded locally in 1987, JDH has seen Seattle and the greater Seattle area go through massive amounts of change. Finding a way to embrace the roots of this beautiful city is important and always incorporated into the foundation of each John Day home built.