Take the Mystery Out
of Home Building

Meet with John Day

We will meet with you and work towards finding the right home site. We will meet with you and your agent and work towards finding the right home site. If you already have a site, we will meet there to review conditions.

Tannerwood North Bend WA

Select your house design and special features

All of our plans are designed for maximum flexibility, and allow for alternate configurations. With 16 floor plans, we have an unlimited inventory of ideas on how to meet your needs. When choosing special features, we let you decide what features are important in your new home. We start with one of our standard specification packages and modify the features from there. Our detailed pricing information insures you that the price we quote is worth going to the bank with.

Tannerwood Kitchen

Finalize the Agreement

Once the site, design, and special features have been chosen, and the exact cost calculated, we prepare a construction contract which provides the details necessary to build your home. The contract includes detailed specifications, plans, and a construction schedule.

Approve plans and estimates

Once we reach a final agreement, we collect a deposit. We then have our architectural team revise the plans to reflect your special features. A final plan meeting is scheduled to insure that plans meet your requirements before we build. We won't build your home until we are all sure what is going in to it.

Housing Plans and Blueprints

Obtain a building permit

When plans are approved, we submit them to the local jurisdiction for a building permit. This process can take from a few days to over four months depending on location. Because of past experience in these jurisdictions, we know how to best expedite the process and can accelerate it at your option.

Obtaining Building Permit

Custom home financing

When building a new home, you are responsible for obtaining the construction financing necessary to pay for improvements. This is usually set up in an "All in One Construction Loan" that includes interim financing during construction together with you home mortgage.

Custom Home Financing

Build your dream

With a building permit in hand and construction financing in place, it's time to begin construction. We work with a select group of trade partners who are committed to quality and workmanship. Our construction schedules are the best and we keep you informed on a weekly basis which allows you to reliably make your moving plans.

Building Your Dream

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